Bat, Skunk, Squirrel, & Wildlife Removal Services in Plymouth, MA

Baystate Wildlife is pleased to serve Plymouth, MA residents with our fast and reliable animal removal services. Plymouth, MA is the site of the first pilgrimage settlement and is home to many historical landmarks. At Baystate Wildlife, our mission is to keep those residents and the historic landmark areas safe from wildlife invasion. Our services run 24 hours daily so residents can remain safe no matter the hour. We offer bat removal services, squirrel removal services, skunk removal services, bird removal services, and other animal removal services to Plymouth, MA. Our wildlife professionals work humanely, guaranteeing the animals will not get hurt while also not letting them hurt you. Please read below to learn more about our humane wildlife services in Plymouth, MA, and contact Baystate Wildlife today!

Bat Removal Services in Plymouth, MA

It may be rare to see bats out during the day, but they can make their way into your home at night. Bats don’t live in caves as most people assume. They find their way into homes and other areas and make their dens there. This can be extremely unsafe and unsanitary for families in Plymouth, MA, because bats can bring a range of diseases to your home. Aside from that, bats are very frantic and can cause damage to your home or attic if not properly removed in time. If you suspect a bat is in your home, or if you see a bat during the daytime, do not hesitate to contact the professionals at Baystate Wildlife. We will provide bat removal and exclusion services no matter the time of day. Click to learn more about our bat removal services in Plymouth, MA. 

Squirrel Removal Services in Plymouth, MA

They may appear cute when you look out your window and see them scurrying around, but if entered into your home, squirrels can cause tremendous damage. Squirrels typically live in trees and often run across the power lines in your neighborhood. They can enter your home through vents or openings in your home or shed. These mighty animals are known for tearing and shredding things, which can cause expensive repairs to your home and belongings. If not adequately removed, squirrels will tear through whatever they find, including walls, wires, and insulation. If you hear scratching at night or feel you have a squirrel invasion in your home in Plymouth, MA, contact Baystate Wildlife ASAP! Click to learn more about our squirrel removal services in Plymouth, MA.

Raccoon Removal Services in Plymouth, MA

Raccoons are known for being called dumpster divers because they are often found inside your trash or snooping around it. These nosy creatures usually travel in packs and are known for scratching and digging. They can dig quickly and efficiently, making them dangerous in your neighborhood. If raccoons can make their way into your home through your roof or chimney, you may find them hanging out in your attic. Our team at Baystate Wildlife is experienced in removing raccoons from homes in Plymouth, MA. If you suspect you have a raccoon invasion, don’t wait for things to get worse to call for help. Click to learn more about our raccoon removal and exclusion services in Plymouth, MA.

Other Animal Removal In Plymouth, MA

Baystate Wildlife also offers humane animal removal services for snakes, birds, and other animals in Plymouth, MA. If you hear scratching or weird noises in your home and are unsure of what it could be, don’t try and inspect it by yourself. Birds and other animals often resort to making your house their home when they get too comfortable there. They can have their babies and care for them if not removed on time. Give Baystate Wildlife a call, and we will safely remove any wildlife you find in your home or neighborhood. Click to learn more about our other animal removal services in Plymouth, MA.


Contact the Animal Removal Professionals in Plymouth, MA

Wildlife removal should be done by professionals only. Baystate Wildlife has over 25 years of experience in the wildlife removal industry and is knowledgeable in dealing with different types of animals. If you find any of the above wildlife in your home in Plymouth, MA, do not remove it or approach the animal. Contact Baystate Wildlife for safe, 24/7 wildlife removal!