Waltham, MA Squirrel, Raccoon & Wildlife Removal Services

Waltham, MA residents can benefit from the help of Baystate Wildlife’s humane animal removal services. Having an animal invasion in your home can be scary, but with the help of Basate Wildlife, there is nothing to worry about. Our team’s services run 24/7, so you never have to worry about being scared in your home. Whether you own a business, home, or apartment, your safety is our top priority. Our team will arrive at the scene with the tools and equipment needed so the animals can be effectively removed and released back to safety. Learn more about some of the animals we remove below and how our team is committed to helping Waltham, MA.

Squirrel Removal Services in Waltham, MA

Squirrels can be pesky little critters that can find their way into your home in many ways. Ensuring your home is squirrel-proof can be helpful, but there is still a risk they can find their way inside. Squirrels may enter through your home siding or chew through your roof or shed. They often hang out in your walls or attic and, once comfortable, make your place their home. There may be visible signs of squirrel damage, including droppings, hearing scratching or squeaking at night, movement through the walls, or visible damage and chew marks to your wires and personal belongings. These animals are costly pests, putting your home at risk of fire damage and repairs. Get the help you need with Baystate Wildlife’s 24/7 humane squirrel removal. 

Raccoon Removal Services in Waltham, MA

Raccoons are another common animal that can find their way into your home. These mischievous animals can bring havoc to your home and yard. Many people know that these animals love trash and digging up your home’s garbage, but what they don’t know is these animals are powerful diggers. They can scratch and dig up fast with their long claws. They also have thumbs, which makes it easier for them to get inside your garbage. If you think raccoons are invading your home, or you find a raccoon and their babies in your garbage can, the team at Baystate Wildlife can help. Learn more about our raccoon removal services and how we can help prevent them from returning back after removal. 

Call Baystate Wildlife For 24-Hour Animal Removal in Waltham, MA

At Baystate Wildlife, our team provides 24-7 animal removal services for residents in Waltham, MA. If you are looking for help removing wildlife, look no further than our team. For over 20 years, our team has helped remove and exclude animals so your family can live safe and wildlife-free! Learn more about how we can help, or give us a call for immediate assistance at 781-830-6080.