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Baystate Wildlife is proud to serve the town of Swampscott, MA. Swampscott is just about 15 miles North of Boston in the Essex county – it spans along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Swampscott was settled in 1629 as the Eastern part of Lynn – then in 1852 it was incorporated into it’s own town. Although Swampscott is just 3 square miles, according to the 2010 census over 14,000 people live there. Swampscott also has three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Today, Swampscott, MA is mostly residential.

Squirrel Removal in Swampscott, MA

Squirrels are everywhere in New England, they are good at getting into places in your home & their favorite is the attic. It’s a climate-controlled spot but doesn’t have noise. Although squirrels may be small, they can cause a lot of damage! They burrow to create a home which can rip up your insulation and they can even go through walls and chew through wires!

Skunk Removal in Swampscott, MA

Skunks are normally animals that keep to themselves most of the time unless it’s mating season then they’ll come out more and will spray if they feel threatened. Since skunks aren’t used to being around humans or your household pets like dogs & cats that’s who often times gets sprayed. Skunks will sometimes make their home in sheds, under porches, or around your home. That’s when it’s time to call a professional.

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If you have skunks, squirrels, or any other wildlife animal you need to be removed – call Baystate Wildlife at (781) 830-6080 or contact us on our website. Wild animals are unpredictable and unless you are properly trained, they can become dangerous. Don’t stress about your animal problem any longer.

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