Squirrel, Raccoon, Bat & Wildlife Animal Removal in Malden, MA

Baystate Wildlife is Malden, MA’s most trusted wildlife removal company. We offer businesses and homeowners 24/7 humane wildlife removal services so they can feel safe no matter the hour. Wildlife animals should only be removed safely by a professional animal removal company. If you suspect your home has an animal invasion, do not try to remove the animal and handle the situation yourself. At Baystate, we remove squirrels, raccoons, bats, and other wildlife animals from your property and prevent them from returning. Our team is knowledgeable and equipped to handle the situation quickly and effectively. Learn more about our trusted animal removal services for Malden, MA, below, and discover how Baystate Wildlife can help you!

Squirrel Removal in Malden, MA

Squirrels may seem small and harmless, but they can be a nuisance if they enter your home or business. Baystate Wildlife happily removes and excludes squirrels in Malden, MA, so you don’t have to worry about damage to your property. Squirrels are commonly found throughout Malden, MA, neighborhoods, and we often assume they are safe animals. If squirrels enter your property, they will cause damage to your belongings. Squirrels are mighty animals who love to chew on anything they can find. These animals can make their way into your home or business by chewing on wood, siding, wires, and more. If you hear scratching at night in your walls or attic or notice lots of damage and ripped belongings around, contact the team at Baystate Wildlife for fast squirrel removal. Learn more about our squirrel removal services in Malden, MA, and how we can help. 

Raccoon Removal in Malden, MA

Raccoons may appear fluffy and cuddly, but they won’t look cute when ripping up your garbage or tearing things in your attic. Baystate Wildlife proudly offers Malden, MA residents our raccoon removal and exclusion services. If you find a raccoon in your dumpster, attic, or other areas of your home, do not approach it or try to get rid of it. Contact the professionals at Baystate Wildlife to remove the raccoon from your home correctly so it does not hurt you and does not get hurt in the removal process. Many raccoons will find their way up into your attic to shelter and keep their babies safe. If you notice a raccoon family making your home their home, do not get close to them and contact Baystate Wildlife for help. Learn more about our raccoon removal and exclusion services in Malden, MA.

Bat Removal in Malden, MA

Many people think an encounter with a bat is infrequent, but if a bat enters your home, it can be scary for those involved. Bats can carry many diseases, and it is best not to get too close or touch the bat yourself. If you find a bat invasion in your home in Malden, MA, contact the professional bat removal team at Baystate Wildlife. No matter the hour of your invasion, our team will be happy and ready to assist in getting you and your family back to safety. Our highly trained and experienced team humanely removes bats from your home and prevents them from returning. To ensure all the bats and their families are correctly removed, the professionals should do only removal. Learn more about our bat removal services in Malden, MA. 

Contact Baystate Wildlife For Animal Removal Services in Malden, MA

To humanely remove bats, squirrels, snakes, raccoons, and other wildlife animals, turn to the best at Baystate Wildlife. We are familiar with removing and excluding all sorts of wildlife animals, even animals you may not know of, in your yard or home. Learn about the many other wildlife animals we proudly remove in Malden, MA, and contact us for more information or a quote on our wildlife removal services.