Squirrel, Bat, Raccoon & Animal Removal Company in Dover, MA

Baystate Wildlife helps residents in Dover, MA with humane animal removal services. We are proud to safely remove squirrels, bats, raccoons, snakes, skunks, and other wildlife animals from your property. Our animal removal services run 24/7, so you never have to feel unsafe in your home, no matter what hour it is. Our team also offers mice and rat removal services by partnering up with a pest company of your choice to get the job done. Whether you think you know which animal is in your home or not, the team at Baystate Wildlife will arrive quickly and take care of the situation properly. Learn more below about the various animals we remove from your home in Dover, MA, and contact our team for a quote today!

Squirrel Removal Company in Dover, MA

Squirrels are a popular animal in Dover, MA neighborhoods, but if you notice a squirrel invasion, getting help immediately is imperative. Squirrels, if they enter your home, may chew at wires in your home, which can cause electrical fires. They also will scratch or chew up any items you may have and make a mess of your home. If you are unsure why you hear scratching through your walls or up in the attic, it may be a sign of a squirrel invasion. Whether they enter through your shingles or siding, squirrels can cause lots of damage if not taken care of. Baystate Wildlife effectively removes all squirrels from your home, ensuring it is safe and free of them returning. Learn more about our squirrel removal in Dover, MA, and contact us for a free quote. 

Bat Removal Company in Dover, MA

Bats inside your home may seem scary and cause a family to worry about getting them out. With Baystate Wildlife, you do not have to fear for your family with our 24/7 humane bat removal services. We will immediately arrive at your home and take care of the situation. Many people are worried about seeing a bat out during the daytime, but with our services, you can rest assured that we will take care of the situation. If you see a bat or family of bats in your home, try not to panic or approach it. Bats can be frantic and knock on things as they try to find their way out. Unfortunately, most bats don’t get out on their own and require the help of professional bat removal companies. Contact Baystate Wildlife if you see a bat in your home in Dover, MA. 

Raccoon Removal Company in Dover, MA

Raccoons are found across Dover, MA wandering around in backyards in your neighborhood. If you are looking to remove a raccoon on your property, Baystate Wildlife is here to help. Many raccoons are known for digging in trash cans and picking at garbage. If you find a raccoon in your trash can or dumpster, do not approach them or try to remove them yourself. Raccoons may be unpredictable and can scratch or hurt you if they feel intimidated. To keep raccoons off your property, ensure there is no trash left behind or your garbage cans are not easily accessible to them. It is also essential to have a raccoon removal company handle the situation and prevent the raccoons and their families from coming back to your home. Learn more about Baystate Wildlife’s raccoon removal services and how we can help your family in Dover, MA!

Contact Baystate For Humane Wildlife Removal in Dover, MA

Baystate Wildlife is happy to help remove different types of wildlife animals from homes in Dover, MA. Whether you know which animal is invading your home or are unsure what it could be, our team of wildlife specialists will assess the situation and help you! Learn more about our bat, squirrel, raccoon, and other wildlife removal services, and contact our team today!

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