Squirrel, Bat, Raccoon, and Wildlife Removal in Natick, MA

Baystate Wildlife helps keep families and businesses safe in Natick, MA. We offer effective and humane animal removal services for any wildlife you may encounter. Whether you know the animal that has invaded your home or are unsure, our wildlife experts can take care of the situation. We proudly remove bats, squirrels, snakes, skunks, raccoons, birds, and other wildlife animals from your property. We always want you to feel safe in your own home, which is why our services run 24/7 so you can always get the help you need. Learn more about our animal removal services below, and contact us in Natick today!

Squirrel Removal Services in Natick, MA

To remove those mighty squirrels in your home in Natick, MA, turn to Baystate Wildlife! Squirrels can bring chaos to your home as they chew and scratch at wires in your home. They are big chewers who eat whatever is in sight, putting your home at risk for a fire or other damage. Contact our team immediately if you notice the first signs of a squirrel invasion! Scratching or squeaking in your walls or attic, chew marks, or feces in your home are all warning signs squirrels may have entered. We remove the squirrels safely and effectively and prevent them from returning. Learn more about our squirrel removal in Natick, MA, and contact our team for a quote!

Bat Removal Services in Natick, MA

Bats are common during those summer nights in Natick, MA; never be afraid of getting the help you need with Baystate Wildlife! We help families with our bat control services that run 24/7 in Natick. Our team are bat experts and know how to handle bats with proper care. If you have a bat invasion in your home, do not try eliminating them yourself. Bats can bring diseases into your home, so do not get too close to them or touch them without the proper care of a professional. Baystate Wildlife is trained and equipped to remove bats and their family members and prevent them from returning. Whether you find one in your home or a bunch up in your attic in their nest, Baystate is here to help. Learn more about bat removal, and contact us for a quote

Raccoon Removal Services in Natick, MA

To remove those pesky raccoons, contact Baystate Wildlife in Natick, MA! Our team is trained to handle raccoons safely and effectively in your neighborhood while implementing measures to prevent them from returning. Raccoons are commonly found around your property inside your trash cans or dumpsters. They love trash and will pick at it if left outside and not taken care of. They can open the top of your garbage as they have thumbs and can lift open the lid and slide in. To get the help you need, contacting raccoon removal specialists is the best way to get rid of the raccoon without hurting you or the animal. Learn more about Baystate Wildlife’s effective raccoon removal services, and contact us today for a quote

Humane Wildlife Animal Removal in Natick, MA

Let Baystate Wildlife be your go-to company for animal removal in Natick, MA! Our experienced and trained wildlife removal specialists are here to help 24/7, regardless of the day or time. We will arrive at your home promptly with the skills and equipment needed to safely and humanely remove the wildlife animals from your home and take them to a proper location. Learn more about the animals we remove and how we can help you in Natick, MA, or call us at 781-830-6080.

squirrel stealing tomato off a garden