Squirrel, Bat, Raccoon, and Wildlife Removal in Cohasset, MA

Baystate Wildlife is proud to provide humane animal removal services to residents in Cohasset, MA. We happily remove wildlife animals from your home or business, including bats, squirrels, raccoons, snakes, skunks, and more. Our animal process is important to us, as we ensure the animals are removed safely from your property. We never want to hurt the animals, but we don’t want to risk them damaging you or your property. Each animal we remove is done humanely and prevents them from returning soon. We have been in the wildlife removal industry for over 25 years and are proud to keep our customer satisfaction rate. Learn more about the animals we remove in Cohasset below, and see why Baystate Wildlife is MA’s go-to for trusted animal removal!

Squirrel Removal in Cohasset, MA

To remove squirrels in your neighborhood, turn to the experts at Baystate Wildlife. Our squirrel removal team is familiar with different types of squirrels and is ready to help you and your family. We understand squirrels may not look intimidating, but it is a different story once they enter your home. Squirrels are mischievous and mighty animals that like to chew at your wires and other belongings. Squirrels can enter your home in numerous ways, so ensuring your home is animal-proof is essential. If you suspect squirrels may have entered, don’t panic. Contact a wildlife removal team to remove the animals effectively and properly. You may hear scratching through the walls or attic at night or even notice squirrel droppings throughout your home or yard. These are common signs squirrels have entered, and it’s time to contact squirrel removal specialists. Learn more about our squirrel removal services, and contact us for a quote today! 

Bat Removal in Cohasset, MA

Bats entering your home or business may seem rare, but it is essential to know how to get the help you need in case it happens. Baystate Wildlife humanely removes bats from your home and prevents them from returning. Bats may enter your home through the attic and need help finding their way out. Whether they enter through your roof, chimney, or attic, you mustn’t remove the animals on your own. Bats may carry sickness into your home, so you shouldn’t touch or get too close to them without protection. Only a professional bat removal company should remove and exclude bats from your home. Learn more about our bat removal services in Cohasset, and contact Baystate Wildlife first for 24/7 assistance.

Raccoon Removal in Cohasset, MA

To remove pesky raccoons on your property, turn to the experts at Baystate Wildlife! Our team is fully equipped and trained to remove raccoons from your home or business. Raccoons love to go into your trash and wander around your garbage cans. It is important that you don’t leave your garbage out and pick up any trash they can get in. If you notice a raccoon in your trash or a family of raccoons on your property, do not approach them, as they can be very protective of their babies. Raccoons are diggers and scratch at whatever is near them. They love to pick at your trash, as most people know, but they are also incredible diggers! They can dig very fast and have exceptionally sharp claws to help them do so. If you notice a raccoon inside or outside your home and cannot leave alone, contact Baystate Wildlife quickly before things worsen. We not only remove raccoons but prevent them from coming right back again. Learn more about our raccoon removal process, and contact us today in Cohasset, MA!

Contact Humane Animal Removal Services in Cohasset, MA

For all your wildlife removal needs, contact Baystate Wildlife first! We offer 24/7 animal removal services so you never have to feel unsafe in your home, no matter what hour. We remove and exclude wildlife animals from your property without hurting you or the animal. For the removal of bats, snakes, skunks, raccoons, mice, and more, our team at Baystate Wildlife is here to help. Learn more about our humane animal removal services, and contact our team today for more information!