Squirrel, Bat, and Wildlife Animal Removal Services in Norwood, MA

For 24/7 humane animal removal in Norwood, MA, the team at Baystate Wildlife can help! Our expert animal removal team knows how to handle and transport various types of wildlife properly and safely. Whether big or small animals have invaded your home, our team can handle the situation fast. We proudly remove bats, squirrels, raccoons, snakes, and other wildlife animals from your home or business. Not only will our humane animal removal services eliminate the animal from your home, but we will also offer ways to prevent that animal from returning. Learn below about our animal removal services and our team’s mission to keep Norwood, MA, home’s wildlife-free!

Squirrel Animal Removal Services in Norwood, MA

Squirrels may seem harmless, but if these mighty little animals enter your home, they can risk you and your family. Squirrels are commonly seen throughout Norwood, making many homeowners comfortable with them outside. But if squirrels enter inside, they can chew at your items, furniture, and wires, putting your home at risk for fire damage. If you hear squeaking, scratching, or other noises you are unsure of at night inside your walls or attic, it’s best to contact a professional animal removal company for assistance. At Baystate Wildlife, our team is properly trained and equipped to remove and exclude squirrels from living inside your home. A squirrel invasion can be scary, but with the help of Baystate Wildlife, you can rest assured that the situation will be handled quickly! Learn more about our team and the squirrel removal services we offer. 

Bat Animal Removal Services in Norwood, MA

Many people assume that it’s rare to have a bat enter your home, but during those warm summer months, it’s possible a bat could find its way in. Whether your home is not protected from the outside (roof, chimney, etc.) or somehow they find their way through an open door or window, bats can turn it into their home. They may nook up in your attic and protect their family or frantically fly around your home looking for a way out. Either way, do not try to remove the bats and their members from your home yourself. Only bat removal specialists should handle a bat situation to ensure all bats are removed, and your home is clean and safe. Bats can bring disease to your home, so avoid touching the bat or getting too close to keep you and your family safe. Learn more about Baystate’s bat control services in Norwood.

Contact Baystate For 24/7 Wildlife Animal Removal in Norwood, MA

For 24/7 humane animal removal, the team at Baystate Wildlife is here for you. We’re happy to help keep businesses and homeowners safe across the Norwood community. Whether you know an animal in your home or you suspect you may have a wildlife invasion, our team is more than happy to assess the situation. Discover how our team can help you by contacting us at 781-830-6080