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About Snake Removal

We have many different types of snakes in New England including Garter snakes, Milk snakes, Rat snakes, Black Racers, Copperheads and Timber Rattlers. While the two poisonous snakes we have (Copperheads and Timber Rattlers) are not common, they do exist and are protected by law. Baystate Wildlife Management is one of the few wildlife management companies that will help you with snakes encroaching into your home.

Typically, a snake encroachment issue begins with a mouse issue. The snakes are naturally following the food source and a space big enough for a mouse is big enough for a snake. Like many other animals, snakes also seek the shelter of the building envelope. And a snake issue can grow exponentially quickly because live bearing snakes typically have between 10-30 babies and egg laying snakes can lay 3-100 eggs (it all varies by species).

Snake eviction and exclusion is much like the other exclusion work we perform but it is focused on the foundation and siding sill. Older homes with stone foundations are easy targets and newer homes can easily be penetrated through bulkhead or other doors that are not properly sealed, windows that are not properly sealed and gaps between the siding and foundation. Many homes are built with small gaps so that the house can breathe and release moisture. While that is a good practice, these gaps must be sealed with a breathable mesh material, and they almost never are. We will examine all of the above potential entry spots and get them closed up as necessary and we will include strategically placed one-way doors so that the snakes can exit but cannot get back in. And when we are done you will receive our 2-year warranty.

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