Other Animal Removal Services in MA

Snake, Mice, and Other Humane Animal Removal in Canton, MA

There are many other animals that can gain entry into your home besides the ones specifically addressed elsewhere on the site.  Baystate Wildlife also removes and/or excludes;  snakes, weasels, groundhogs, possum, foxes and any other animal that finds its way into your home.  In addition, in conjunction with the pest company of your choice (or one that we can recommend), Baystate offers exclusion services for Rats & Mice.  This service entails exclusion of your foundation, siding sill and roofline as necessary and must be done in conjunction with an ongoing Rat or Mouse prevention program with your pest company.

No matter what kind of wildlife animal you may find in your home or business, we emphasize the importance of removing them in a humane way. We never want the animals to hurt you, but we also do not want to hurt the animals during our removal. With our removal and exclusion of other wildlife animals you may find, you can rest assured knowing that your home is now animal-free and the animals are happy to roam around again.


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Contact Baystate Wildlife for removal of snakes, groundhogs, foxes, and any other wildlife that may appear in or around your home or business. Removing wildlife safely should be done only by a professional, so it is important you do not try to get rid of any animal yourself. Contact us today for 24/7 service at 781-390-4732. As soon as you call, we will come in a timely manner and help you feel comfortable and safe in your own home again.


Baystate Wildlife removing animals from home
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