Ipswich, MA Bat, Squirrel, Raccoon & Animal Removal

Baystate Wildlife provides the Ipswich, MA community with trusted wildlife removal and exclusion services. We remove various animals that may have invaded your business or home. Some animals we remove include bats, squirrels, raccoons, snakes, skunks, and other small and large wildlife animals. Most wildlife may find their way into your home or business through your roof or chimney due to openings or failing roof shingles. Ensure your home is protected from wildlife invasion with the experts at Baystate Wildlife. Learn below the various wildlife animals we remove and exclude from your home 24/7. See why Baystate Wildlife is the most trusted wildlife removal company in Massachusetts!

Bat Removal Services in Ipswich, MA

To remove and control bats in Ipswich, MA, turn to the professional bat removal team at Baystate Wildlife. We understand that when bats enter your property, they can bring stress and anxiety to you and those around you. Bats may act frantic and fly around your home trying to find a way out, but they don’t always make their way on their own. Bats require the assistance of only bat removal specialists to ensure the bat is removed safely and entirely. Bats usually travel in packs, so if you see one bat, a family member is probably nearby. Bat removal specialists ensure that the bat and their habitat are entirely removed from your attic or another area of your home so you can ensure your home is safe for the future. Learn more about our bat removal services, and contact us for a quote! 

Squirrel Removal Services in Ipswich, MA

For the removal of squirrels, Baystate Wildlife is here to help. We eliminate squirrels in your home or business in Ipswich, MA with humane and effective removal techniques. Many homeowners may hear scratching through their walls late at night, a common sign of squirrel infestation. Another common sign is noticing squirrel feces around your home, indicating a squirrel and its family nearby. If not correctly installed, many squirrels will enter through your siding by chewing their way through. They often scurry through your walls or make their home inside your attic. If you hear them wandering through your home or suspect other signs of a squirrel invasion, including torn belongings or wires, contact a squirrel removal company fast before things worsen. Learn more about Baystate Wildlife’s squirrel removal services, and contact us for a quote!

Raccoon Removal Services in Ipswich, MA

For the removal of raccoons in your neighborhood, turn to the professionals at Baystate Wildlife. We help homeowners in Ipswich, MA rest assured that immediate help is available and on the way 24/7. Raccoons can be pesky animals that love to pick at your trash or dig in your yard. If raccoons enter your home, they may cause worse damage to your belongings. It is important to keep calm if you notice a raccoon invasion and open any windows or doors to help guide them out. Do not get too close to the raccoon; call a wildlife removal company for effective help. Not only does Baystate Wildlife remove animals, but we exclude them, preventing them from returning soon. Learn more about our raccoon removal services, and contact Baystate today!

Contact Baystate Wildlife For Humane Wildlife Removal in Ipswich, MA

To remove known or unknown wildlife animals, contact the team at Baystate for help! We can remove and exclude animals 24/7, so you never have to worry about getting the help you need when you need it. Our wildlife removal team is here to help with trained and knowledgeable members that arrive fully equipped for the job. Learn more about the animals we remove in Ipswich, MA, and call us at 781-830-6080 for a quote!

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