Bat, Raccoon, and Squirrel Removal in Lexington, MA

At Baystate Wildlife Management, our team is proud to provide the town of Lexington with our wildlife removal services. Lexington is a Middlesex County town in Massachusetts that’s located in Middlesex County. It’s famously known as a famous battle site in the American Revolution. Lexington is located only about 10 miles outside of Boston while still having much of its nature and history preserved. It’s also known as one of the strongest school systems in the state and nationally ranked middle and high schools. Lexington shares a border with Burlington, Woburn, Winchester, Arlington, Belmont, Waltham, Lincoln & Bedford. Lexington has the largest area out of all of these cities or towns, making its residents prone to wildlife encounters.

Bat Removal Services in Lexington, MA

In Lexington, bats can be one of the most common invaders of homes. The natural beauty in town can lead to bats making their way onto your property. They don’t live in caves as most people think, oftentimes they hang out in trees and find man-made spaces like sheds and attics for shelter. This ofcourse, can lead to problems for homeowners in Lexington. Our team at Baystate helps residents of Lexington remove bats safely and humanely from homes. Exterminators may use harmful techniques and poison bats, but not our team at Baystate Wildlife. We developed a bat exclusion technique to remove bats without doing harm. Part of this process also includes our team making it so the bats can’t return. We drive bats out of a one-way door and out of your property. Contact our team at Baystate Wildlife in Lexington to learn more. 

Racoon Removal Services in Lexington, MA

Another one of our top animal removal services we offer in Lexington is our raccoon removal services. Raccoons love to make their way into home attics and chimneys to create havoc and a space for them and their young. They’re strong animals and have thumbs, so they can rip parts of your roof right off. If they are determined, they can create quite the problems around your home. No one wants raccoons living and defecating in their attic. Contact our team at Baystate in Lexington today to learn more about our raccoon removal services.

Skunk Removal Services in Lexington, MA

Finally, skunk removal is another of our team’s top services at Baystate Wildlife. Skunks typically stay away from humans and other animals, and as you know, their spray is putrid. They make their way onto homeowner’s property when they get driven out of their habitat, which happens more and more often with housing developments popping up. If you’ve got skunks on your property, our team can help. Contact Baystate Wildlife today to learn more about our skunk removal services in Lexington.

Contact Us For 24/7 Animal Removal in Lexington, MA

If you see a wild animal roaming in your home, contact Baystate Wildlife for skunk, raccoons, squirrels, bats removal. We ensure other wild animals will not enter your home again using the same spot with our animal removal and exclusion services.

We have been in business for over 10 years now, and we have perfected the art of humanely removing wild animals from homes, attics, porches, and decks. If you are interested in our services, feel free to give us a call at 781-830-6080.