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At Baystate Wildlife Management, our team is proud to serve the town of Billerica with our wildlife removal services. Billerica is a town located in Middlesex County and home to about 41,000 residents today. The Shawsheen and Concord Rivers flowed through Billerica and were a big reason for its early settlement. The town is one of the best places to live in the state but is not totally safe from wildlife invasions. Billerica has mostly industrialized since the 1950s with major employers and industries in the town. Contact our team at Baystate Wildlife today to learn more about our services.

Animal Removal Services in Billerica, MA

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Bat Removal Services in Billerica, MA

Bats are some of the smaller wildlife that can make their way into your home, but they can cause big problems. They are small but mighty and travel in groups. In addition to the tangible damage that they can cause, bats can also carry sickness and can cause harm that way. Our team at Baystate Wildlife safely removes bats from homes and makes it so they cannot return. Our years of experiences, combined with the best and most humane techniques, equip us to handle bats.

Raccoon Removal in Billerica, MA

Raccoons are interesting critters that often attempt to find food around trash barrels and dumpsters. They are crafty and create significant issues out of small ones. The thumbs that raccoons have to make it easy for them to cause a great deal of destruction in a short period of time. Raccoons often make chirping and scratching noises that will alert you to their presence in your home. They can easily rip shingles off of a roof and make large holes for them and their friends to make a nest. If raccoons make it into your home, you’ll find out pretty quickly. Contact our team at Baystate Wildlife to learn more about our raccoon removal services.

Baystate Wildlife’s Animal Removal in Billerica, MA

In addition to our raccoon and bat removal services that we offer in Billerica, we also offer skunk, bird, squirrel removal & more. These animals can be commonly found around residential and suburban areas, so they’ll sometimes end up on your property. All of these animals can cause harm to your property and become a possible safety hazard to you and your family. Skunks can spray your or your pets. Contact our team at Baystate Wildlife to learn more about all of our humane animal removal services.