Frequently Asked Questions

I have a bat in my house, what should I do?
We are available at your service 24 hours a day for emergency bat removals.  Bats are a nocturnal animal and will be active for several hours in your home.  Don’t wait until morning to call.  A bat in the house will hide during the day and may be difficult to find.

Are bats a health risk?
Exposure to bats is potentially a dangerous situation.  Consult you physician as soon as possible if you or your family has been exposed in any way to bats.

Do bats have rabies?
Yes.  A small percentage of bats carry the rabies virus and can be potentially harmful to humans and animals.

What is rabies?
Rabies is an infectious viral disease that affects the central nervous system and must be treated immediately to prevent serious illness or death.  Rabies can be transferred from a bite or a scratch from an infected bat.

Should I get vaccinated?
Always consult your physician when exposed to a bat.  If possible have the bat tested to determine if the bat is rabid.

What about my family?
It is very difficult to tell if young children have been exposed if they are unable to communicate to you.  Always take serious precautions with your family members and follow the advice of your physician.

Are there more bats in my home?
It is more than likely that a bat in your home came from a nest somewhere in your home whether from the attic or from the chimney or fireplace.

How do bats get in?
Bats are able to fit through a hole or an opening that is approximately 1”x1/2”.  This includes the following places, where brick or stone meets wood trim (around chimney stacks or decorative brick facing) wood trim along the gable ends of homes and unscreened louver vents.

How can I prevent this in the future?
The most effective way to remove bats from your home is with a bat exclusion.  A bat exclusion is a process by which the bats are allowed to exit the home and prevented from reentry.  The home is sealed using heavy duty screening and an expandable hardening foam.  The bats exit through a specially constructed door that only allows the bats to exit and does not allow them the reenter.

How long should the bat doors remain?
The doors can remain for as long as you would like.  The minimum amount of time the bat doors should remain on the house to be effective is two weeks.

How can batbusters get them out?
The bat exclusion will remove the bats living in your home within a few days.  Bats are sensitive animals and are acutely aware of their surroundings and environment.  It may take a few days for the bats to adjust to the exclusion, but once they do they will leave and be unable to return into the home.

What is a bat exclusion?
A bat exclusion is a term used to describe the process of removing bats from your home and protecting your home from future bat invasions.

Do I need a bat house?
Bat houses are not necessary in the exclusion process but are useful if you want the bats to remain close to your home.

Are bats protected?
Yes and no.  Bats are categorized as nuisance wildlife and can be treated through exclusion methods to remove them from your home.  Bats can not be exterminated (e.g., poisoned, fogged, or trapped inside).

What is the value of bats in our ecology?
Bats are an extremely valuable member of our ecology and provided invaluable help in the control of mosquitoes and other insects

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