Franklin, MA Squirrel, Raccoon & Wildlife Animal Removal

Baystate Wildlife is proud to be Franklin, MA’s most trusted wildlife removal company. Our wildlife removal team has over 25 years of experience in removing animals and preventing them from returning. We have the skills and equipment to remove both large and small wildlife from inside and around your home. Some of the wildlife we commonly remove include squirrels, raccoons, bats, snakes, skunks, birds, and more. Learn more below about our wildlife removal services in Franklin, and request a quote for 24/7 service today!

Squirrel Removal Services in Franklin, MA

Baystate Wildlife helps homeowners live squirrel-free! Many squirrels are harmless around your neighborhood, but if they find their way into your home, they can cause issues. A squirrel invasion can be overwhelming and can only be treated with the help of a squirrel removal specialist. At Baystate Wildlife, we are familiar with all types of squirrels and know the best, safest way to eliminate them. Our animal removal services are humane and run 24/7, so you never have to worry about feeling unsafe in your home. Learn more about our squirrel removal services and contact us in Franklin today!

Raccoon Removal Services in Franklin, MA

For pesky raccoons, Baystate Wildlife can help in Franklin, MA. Raccoons have sharp claws and love to dig up your trash or garden. If you notice a raccoon invasion in your home, do not wait for the help you need. A raccoon should only be removed by a wildlife animal specialist to ensure your and the animal’s safety. Our team at Baystate Wildlife has been removing raccoons for over two decades, so we are confident we can remove them properly. Our humane raccoon removal services run 24/7, day and night, so you never have to worry about your family getting hurt. Our team will arrive with the necessary tools and equipment to remove the raccoon and its family and prevent them from returning. Learn more about our raccoon removal and contact us in Franklin today!

Contact Baystate Wildlife For Humane Animal Removal in Franklin, MA

For the removal of wildlife animals in your home, turn to the experts at Baystate Wildlife! Our team is committed to keeping you and your family safe, whether it is day or night! We are determined to arrive at your home as soon as possible and handle the situation humanely and professionally. Learn more about our team, mission, and the animals we proudly remove from Franklin. To request a quote or for immediate assistance, call us at 781-830-6080.