Bats, Squirrels, Raccoons, and Animal Removal in Lynnfield, MA

Baystate Wildlife happily removes and excludes unwanted wildlife animals from your home or business. If you live in Lynnfield, MA, and are looking for a wildlife removal company, look no further than Baystate Wildlife. For over 25 years, we have happily removed wildlife such as squirrels, raccoons, snakes, and more, ensuring your property is safe. If you suspect a wildlife invasion in your home or business, do not try to handle the situation yourself. Wildlife animals should be removed by a trained professional only to ensure the animal’s and others’ safety. Below, learn more about our bat, squirrel, raccoon, and other animal removal services in Lynnfield, MA.

Bat Removal Services in Lynnfield, MA

Bats can make their way into your home in Lynnfield, MA, by gaps in your roof, chimney, or shed. To prevent bats from entering, ensure proper roof maintenance and avoid holes or cracks in other areas of your home. If you find a bat that has made its way into your home, you must contact an animal removal specialist quickly. Do not swing at the bat with any object or try to handle the situation yourself. Bats can bring diseases into your home, so it is best to avoid touching or getting too near the bat without protection and proper equipment for removal. Baystate Wildlife humanely and quickly removes bats from your home or property, so don’t wait to contact us for help 24/7. Learn more about our bat removal services in Lynnfield, MA. 

Squirrel Removal Services in Lynnfield, MA

Squirrels may seem cute and innocent, but they are anything but if they enter your home. Squirrels love to scratch and chew, especially at chords and wires. If a squirrel enters your home in Lynnfield, MA, you may hear scratching or other noises at night in your walls or the attic. If a squirrel is not removed properly and effectively, it can cause your home tons of damage and put you at risk for a fire hazard. Squirrels will scratch and chew at anything in front of them. If you notice squirrel droppings or chew and scratch marks in your home, contact a wildlife removal company to take care of the situation. Never try to remove squirrels from your home yourself, as it is vital to make sure they are removed safely and effectively to prevent them from returning. Learn more about our squirrel removal services in Lynnfield, MA.

Racoon Removal Services in Lynnfield, MA

Raccoons can cause tons of damage to your home or backyard if not adequately removed. If you notice a raccoon in your dumpster or garbage can or roaming around your property in Lynnfield, MA, contact Baystate Wildlife for 24/7 help. Raccoons tend to make their way into your home’s attic, where they love to nest their young and make your house their home. Handle this situation quickly by calling a wildlife removal professional to humanely and safely remove the raccoons and their family from your home. Not only will they remove the raccoons, but they will ensure they do not come back into your home again. Learn more about our raccoon removal services in Lynnfield, MA. 

Other Animal Removal in Lynnfield, MA

Baystate Wildlife proudly removes all sorts of other wildlife animals from your home or business in Lynnfield, MA. We can exclude snakes, birds, groundhogs, foxes, possums, mice, rats, and more. Do not handle the situation yourself if you see an animal or animal droppings in your home or yard and are unsure of what it is. Call a wildlife removal specialist immediately to safely and effectively remove the animal from your property. Learn more about the other animals we remove from your home in Lynnfield, MA. 

Contact Us For Humane Wildlife Removal in Lynnfield, MA

For 24/7 humane wildlife removal in Lynnfield, MA, turn to the professionals at Baystate Wildlife. We have happily removed all sorts of animals from Lynnfield, MA homes for over 25 years and counting! We remove bats, squirrels, raccoons, birds, and more to keep you and your family safe. Learn more about our trusted wildlife removal services, or call us at 781-830-6080.