Bat, Squirrel & Humane Wildlife Removal in Woburn, MA

Our team at Baystate Wildlife is proud to serve the city of Woburn with our humane bat, squirrel, bird, raccoon, and skunk removal services. Woburn is a city in Middlesex County that is located about 10 miles outside of Boston. It was settled in 1640 in the area around Horn Pond and Mystic River. Woburn is home to about 38,000 residents has tons of surrounding wildlife. The beautiful natural landscape of Woburn can lead to wildlife, sometimes making their way onto your property. Contact our team today if you’re a Woburn resident in need of our services. 

Bat Removal Services in Woburn, MA

Bats can be an issue for Woburn homeowners because there is so much beautiful wildlife around. Often, they make their way into homes, sheds, and other man-made structures to make nests. Most bats aren’t cave dwellers like some think. Our team at Baystate Wildlife is experienced at humanely and safely removing bats from homes and businesses. The bat exclusion process that we employ allows us to get bats out of your home without harm. We’re the most trusted bat removal professionals in New England because of our years of experience, we’ve seen it all! Contact our team at Baystate Wildlife in Woburn to learn more about our bat removal services.

Raccoon Removal Services in Woburn, MA

Raccoons are one type of wildlife that almost everyone has come across some time in their life living in Massachusetts. They can be typically found lurking around dumpsters and trash cans, but when they find a place to enter, they often get into attics. In the springtime, raccoons attempt to find shelter to have offspring; this often leads to them ripping off roofing shingles and getting into your attic. Our experienced team at Baystate Wildlife has experience removing raccoons from all types of homes and businesses. These critters are strong and crafty, so once we remove raccoons, we make sure they can’t return. If you hear chirping or crawling noises coming from your roof, it’s likely that you’ve got a raccoon invasion. Contact our team in Woburn today for help!

Squirrel Removal Services in Woburn, MA

Squirrels are small but can be mighty and still cause considerable damage to your home. They aren’t going to be ripping off shingles as raccoons can, but if there is even a small opening, squirrels can fit in and make it bigger. Because they’re rodents, they chew through things like wires, which can cause electrical damage. Reach out to our team at Baystate Wildlife today if you’ve got a squirrel problem in your home.

Contact Us For Animal Removal Services in Woburn, MA

At Baystate Wildlife, we don’t just work with the above animals. We also humanely remove skunks from properties. Reach out to us today in Woburn if you’re in need of wildlife removal services. Call us at 781-830-6080 or using our contact form.