Bat, Squirrel & Wildlife Removal in Brookline MA

brookline ma homeOur team at Baystate Wildlife Management, our team is proud to serve the town of Brookline with our bat, squirrel, skunk, and bird removal services. Brookline is located in Norfolk county and borders six different Boston neighborhoods. It’s considered a great place to live with such close proximity to downtown Boston, access to train lines while also having beautiful parks and nature. Brookline has a population of about 60,000 today with many professionals, students, and families alike. Reach out to our Baystate Wildlife today to learn more about our services in Brookline. 

Bat Removal Services in Brookline, MA

One of our top services in Brookline is our bat removal and exclusion. We help remove bats from your home and keep them out. Bats are common in Brookline due to the woodlands and ever-expanding residential developments. This leads to bats turning to spaces like the attics of homes for shelter. 

Our team at Baystate doesn’t exterminate bats, we have developed a bat exclusion process to humanely capture them. We patch the area that the bats entered through so that they can’t return. Our team can take care of bat problems big and small. They won’t be harmed but they won’t be able to return either. Contact us in Brookline to learn more about our 

bat removal services

Raccoon Removal Services in Brookline, MA

Another of our top services at Baystate Wildlife is our raccoon removal. As with bats, our team carefully removes raccoons from homes without harming them. Raccoons are smart and can be devious when in search of food, with Spring being the most common time you see them. They’re very common in Brookline with homes close together and trash bins full. 

Raccoons are one of the most resourceful animals living alongside us. They have thumbs and are quite strong so removing roof shingles or planks is certainly doable for them. Our team has years and years of experience dealing with raccoons safely and removing them from your property. Reach out to us in Brookline today to learn more about our services.

Skunk Removal Services in Brookline, MAskunk eating from trash can

Lastly, our team at Baystate Wildlife Management is glad to bring our skunk removal and exclusion to Brookline residents. Like many animals, skunks thrive in the Spring. They however are able to spray a wretched odor to keep predators away. Too often, when skunks make their way on your property they can spray your pets or even you. The experience that our team has allows us to remove skunks without them spraying anyone and make it so no one can return. Contact us today in Brookline if you’ve got skunks on your property. 

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Animals around your home can be worrying for many reasons, whether it be damage, disease or safety of pets & children. Don’t hesitate to contact our team today if you’ve got animals on your property.