Bat, Squirrel, Raccoon & Animal Removal in Andover, MA

Baystate Wildlife is happy to help residents in Andover, MA with their bat, squirrel, raccoon, and other animal removal services. For over 20 years, we have helped families feel safe in their neighborhoods with our wildlife removal services. Wildlife may enter our homes in several areas, and if not taken care of by a professional, they may continue to make your house their home for them and their family. Preventing them from entering keeps you and your family safe; Baystate Wildlife is here to help you with that! If you are looking for 24/7 humane wildlife removal in Andover, MA, look no further than Baystate Wildlife. Learn more about our bat, squirrel, raccoon, and other animal removal services, and contact us to see why we are Massachusetts’ most trusted wildlife removal company!

Bat Control in Andover, MA

Baystate Wildlife provides bat control services to safely remove bats from your property in Andover, MA, and prevent them from entering again. Bats may be a nuisance to homeowners in Andover, MA especially as they are more common in the summer. Bats may enter your home through your roof or gaps in your siding or windows. To protect your family, ensuring your home is safe and secure is the most important step. If a bat finds its way into your home, do not handle it yourself. Bats can bring diseases into your house; if not removed in time, they could risk you and your family becoming sick. The best way to protect yourself and your family is to immediately contact a wildlife removal company if you suspect a bat has entered your home. They may be up in your attic, where they are comfortable and able to make a home for their family. Our Baystate Wildlife team will immediately and safely remove the bat from your home. Learn more about our bat removal, and contact us for humane animal removal services!

Squirrel Control in Andover, MA

Squirrels are commonly found throughout New England, and we often forget the harm they can cause if they enter our homes. Squirrels may look cute and innocent, but they will cause damage to your property and personal items. If you have a squirrel invasion, contact Baystate Wildlife immediately before they become too comfortable in your home. Squirrels may enter through your attic or gaps in your home’s siding and chew and tear through your walls, wires, and anything that may come in contact with them. You may know squirrels have entered if you hear scratching or screeching through the walls or attic at night or see little droppings around your home. Do not take care of this situation yourself; contact a professional squirrel removal specialist fast. Learn more about our squirrel control, and contact us today!

Raccoon Control in Andover, MA

Raccoon invasions may seem so out of the ordinary, but if they find their way into your home, you will want to get help fast! Baystate Wildlife is happy to help residents with our raccoon removal and exclusion services. Raccoons may cause danger if wandering around your home, business, or trash. They love to dig and pick through your garbage, but if not adequately removed could put your family or customers at risk of getting hurt. Raccoons may enter your home through your attic or chimney and cause awful screeching or chirping sounds similar to a bird. They will scratch and dig up your grass outside or chew and scrape at your belongings inside. Raccoons may also urinate or defecate in the same spot inside your home by designating one area as the toilet area for them and their family. If you notice this designated area or other signs of a raccoon invasion, contact a wildlife removal company immediately before things get worse. Learn more about our raccoon control services, and contact Baystate Wildlife today!

Contact Baystate Wildlife For Wildlife Control in Andover, MA

To remove bats, raccoons, squirrels, snakes, skunks, and just about any other wildlife animal, contact the experts at Baystate Wildlife! Our team is fully trained and equipped to safely and effectively remove wildlife animals from your home or business in Andover, MA. Learn more about the animals we remove, and contact our team for more information!