Bat, Skunk, and Squirrel Animal Removal Services in Newbury, MA

At Baystate Wildlife, our team is proud to provide the town of Newbury, MA, with our exceptional wildlife removal services. Whether you need help with your home or business, our wildlife team will assess your property and provide a dedicated animal removal service. Most often, when an animal invasion occurs, the animal is not alone. Most wildlife travel and invade in packs, so our team will know how to handle the case properly. We remove and exclude both large and small wildlife animals. From bats, skunks, snakes, squirrels, birds, and more, you can rest assured that your property is in trusted hands! Learn more about our wildlife removal in Newbury below, and request a quote today!

Bat Removal Services in Newbury, MA

In Newbury, MA, bats can be a common invader of homes, especially during the warmer months. Many people think bats live in caves, but that’s not true. As their natural habitats are being taken down for new construction, many bats will scurry to find a new safe space. This will often lead to them entering your home’s chimney or siding to reside there. Our bat control team at Baystate Wildlife knows how to properly protect your home by removing bats and preventing them from returning. Only our team should be touching the animals to ensure their safety and your home. Learn more about our bat control services for homeowners in Newbury, MA.

Skunk Removal Services in Newbury, MA

Another top service of ours is removing skunks from your home. Many skunks prefer to avoid humans and other animals, but if they enter your home, they will be out of their element. They may act differently and start to create problems around your home. Similar to bats, as more construction gets built, skunks lose their habitats. If you find a skunk in your home, do not wait to contact our wildlife removal team. Avoid getting sprayed by a skunk and having the putrid odor linger around your property with the help of Baystate Wildlife.

Squirrel Removal Services in Newbury, MA

Squirrels are commonly found across neighborhoods in Newbury, MA. While we often find them cute and innocent, they can bring havoc into your home if invaded. Squirrels are mischievous animals who dig, scratch, and chew at your personal belongings, putting your home at serious risk. If you hear or see visible signs of a squirrel invasion, do not wait to contact Baystate Wildlife for 24/7 humane squirrel removal. The sooner you get help from a trusted wildlife removal specialist, the easier and safer it is to remove squirrels and their family from your home! Learn more about how our squirrel removal process works. 

Contact Baystate Wildlife For 24/7 Animal Removal in Newbury, MA

If you see wildlife animals roaming around your property, do not wait to contact the Baystate Wildlife team. For over 15 years, our team has been proudly providing humane wildlife removal services to homeowners in Newbury, MA. Our team ensures wild animals do not enter your home again or use the same sport with our animal removal and exclusion services. Give us a call at 781-830-6080 for fast service, or fill out our contact form