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Did you know that most bats in the New England area live in man-made environments? Quite the opposite of most people’s misconception about bats living in caves, huh? You can thank the increase and expansion of houses and commercial construction for bat invasions; because of these expansions, bats were pushed out of their natural habitat and forced to adjust and evolve to these changes to survive.

Because they could change and adjust quickly, it takes a specialized and experienced company to get these bats out of your home! We are New England’s most trusted and used bat removal professionals; we are not bat exterminators! Exterminators use poison to kill bats; we use much more humane techniques when capturing and removing bats. Learn more about our bat removal services in Massachusetts and Providence, RI below, and contact us for a free quote!

Effective & Safe: How Our Bat Removal Works

One of the most effective techniques we use is the Bat Exclusion Process; with this process, bats are forced to leave your home, and no harm is done to them or their babies. We also bat-proof your house, which will prevent future bat infestations! Our goal is to remove the wildlife animals safely, so they do not hurt you and your family while not hurting them in the removal process.

How is our bat removal service effective? Well, that’s easy. We use two steps: bat removal and bat exclusion; we install equipment that allows bats to leave (the removal part) but prevents them from coming back in (the exclusion part). It’s a one-way door that closes as soon as they leave the house. This method has proven time and time again to be effective; whether you have two bats or a colony of 200, our removal and exclusion service will get rid of bats permanently!

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To remove unwanted bats in your home, turn to the bat removal experts at Baystate Wildlife! We remove and exclude bats from homes in Canton, MA, and surrounding areas in Massachusetts and Providence, RI. If you suspect your home has a bat invasion, do not touch the bat or try to take care of the situation yourself. Bats can carry many illnesses and risk getting you and your family sick if not cared for by a professional. Our bat removal services run 24/7, so you never have to worry about getting help with wildlife, no matter the time of day. Call us today at 781-830-6080 or fill out our contact form for more information on our bat removal and exclusion services in New England.

close up of bats upside down on tree
lots of bats sleeping upside down in a tree

FAQ About Bats & Bat Animal Removal in MA

Look below at some of these commonly asked questions about bat removal, and contact Baystate Wildlife for fast, safe, 24-hour bat removal in MA and RI!

Will a bat leave on its own?

If just one bat has entered your home, it may be a sign that the bat is lost and is looking for a way out. They can become very confused and overwhelmed, but they may be able to see themselves out if there is a wide enough opening from a door or window. On the other hand, if there is a more significant bat invasion of more than one bat, it may be harder for them all to find their way out on their own. If you have a significant bat invasion in your home or business, contacting a bat removal specialist is the best way to ensure they are safely and effectively removed so they don’t return. 

What will keep bats away?

Certain smells and items will help deter bats from your home! Bats do not like the smell of mothballs, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and white phenol. Spraying some essential oils or room sprays with these scents or placing moth balls around the corners of your home will keep bats from entering as these scents disturb them. Another thing that keeps bats away is using bright lights, aluminum foil, or mirrors. Bats do not like light reflecting off an item and into their view. Installing bright lights or hanging strips of aluminum foil around your home will keep those bats away. 

Are bats nocturnal?

Bats are nocturnal creatures, meaning they do not like to be out during the day and prefer to come out at night. Bats are more active at night because they can travel around better with less daylight or bright lights. If a bat comes out, it will leave its roost to find a dark attic or area where it can hide. 

Do bats attack humans?

No, bats do not attack humans. Most bats that enter your home will not attack you, but it is still best to stay away from them as you do not know whether they are healthy or sick. Most healthy bats will not attack, but if a bat is sick with rabies or histoplasmosis, it may be more unpredictable, and it is almost impossible to tell whether or not they are rabid. 

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