Bat, Raccoon, Squirrel & Humane Wildlife Removal in Framingham, MA

At Baystate Wildlife, we provide 24/7 humane wildlife removal services to Framingham. Wildlife may find their way into your home through gaps in the roof, siding, or chimney. Once they enter, they may become comfortable and treat your home like their own. As they work hard to protect their families, they will do whatever they can to keep them safe, such as creating nests in your home for their family. The only way to effectively remove wildlife from your home is to contact a wildlife removal specialist to ensure all animals are removed safely. Our team happily removes bats, skunks, raccoons, squirrels, and more from your home. Learn more below, or contact our team for a quote!

Bat Removal Service in Framingham, MA

New construction leads to more and more bats having difficulty finding a home. This causes them to find your attic or shed and keep their family safe. If you suspect you have a bat invasion in your home, do not try to remove the bats yourself. Our team humanely removes bats without poisoning or killing them so they can find a new outdoor habitat to go to. Bats can bring diseases to your home, so you must leave the removal service up to the professionals. Our team has over 20 years of experience in bat control and exclusion services, so you can rest assured that your home is in trusted hands. 

Raccoon Removal Service in Framingham, MA

Raccoons are more clever and mischievous than you may think. They love to poke at your trash if left out on your property and make a mess of the scraps. They are also solid and have good thumbs that allow them to prop open a dumpster or garbage can. Many people also don’t know they have sharp claws and can dig fast in your garbage or beautiful garden. If you have a raccoon invasion in your home or notice damage or raccoon droppings, do not wait to get the help you need. A raccoon invasion can be dangerous for your family and personal belongings, so contact the team at Baystate Wildlife for 24/7 raccoon removal and exclusion.

Squirrel Removal Service in Framingham, MA

Squirrels may seem innocent, but they often travel in packs. They wreak havoc on your insulation, cause stained ceilings, and chewed wires. This puts your home at risk for fire damage and distress. Our team at Baystate Wildlife ensures your home is entirely safe and squirrel-free. If you hear squeaking at night in your walls or attic, you may have a squirrel invasion, but not just one squirrel. Our team ensures the whole pack is removed from your home safely and humanely so you can have a peaceful and safe living environment. 

Call Baystate Wildlife in Framingham, MA For Animal Removal

Are you looking to remove wildlife from your home? Our team at Baystate Wildlife is here to help! For over 20 years, we’ve been assisting Framingham, MA remove unwanted wildlife animals humanely from their homes. Whether you’re invaded by bats, raccoons, squirrels, birds, or other animals, our team is happy to help. Learn more about the animals we remove or give us a call at 781-830-6080.