Bat, Raccoon & Squirrel Animal Removal in Hanson, MA

Baystate Wildlife proudly removes unwanted animals from homes in Hanson, MA. Our team is expertly trained in removing bats, raccoons, squirrels, and other large or small wildlife animals. Animal invasions can happen in Hanson, putting your family at risk. Removing these animals should only be done by a professional wildlife removal specialist to ensure your safety and the animals. Our team arrives at your home properly equipped with tools to remove the unwanted animals and prevent them from returning. Our services run 24/7, so you never have to worry about getting the help your family needs. Learn more about our humane wildlife removal services below, and contact us for a quote!

Bat Removal in Hanson, MA

Bats in your home can be very unsafe and unhealthy. If you get too close to a bat or try to touch it by removing it on your own, you put yourself at risk for rabies. Bats can be unsanitary and bring unwanted diseases into your home. Get the help you need fast with Baystate Wildlife. Our bat removal team knows how to remove the bats from your home properly. If you find one bat in your home, a few family members may be nearby. Bats typically travel in packs, and removal needs to be done by a professional to ensure all bats are gone. Learn more about our humane bat removal services, and contact our team for help today!

Raccoon Removal in Hanson, MA

We’re here to remove raccoons from your home or yard. Raccoons love to snoop out open trash cans or garbage that may be out and about in your neighborhood or local parking lot as a business owner. If you notice a raccoon is causing troubles at your place of business or in your home, contact Baystate Wildlife for 24/7 help. Our team of raccoon experts knows how to handle and remove unwanted raccoons properly. We know how they act and can safely remove them without hurting them in the process. Raccoons are fast diggers with sharp claws that tear your trash or garbage open. If you notice a raccoon invasion, contact our team immediately for help.

Squirrel Removal in Hanson, MA

Our team is here to help remove those pesky and mischievous squirrels causing problems in your home. A squirrel invasion is serious and one that should not be taken lightly. Our team offers 24/7 squirrel removal so you can get the help you need at the first sign of an invasion. Squirrels can enter through open or visible gaps in your home and travel through the walls or attic. They may produce squeaking or screeching sounds at night as you hear them scratching and going through your home. They also love to chew at your wires, walls, and other things lying around in their site. If you notice squirrel feces, chew marks, or other visible signs of a squirrel invasion, contact our team right away. Learn more about our squirrel removal services and how we can help in Hanson today.

Get Help Removing Wildlife Animals From Your Home in Hanson, MA

Our team at Baystate Wildlife is here to help you with humane wildlife animal removal services in Hanson. For over twenty years, our team has helped families remove unwanted animals and prevent future invasions from occurring in their homes. Our animal removal list includes, but is not limited to, bats, squirrels, snakes, skunks, raccoons, birds, mice, and rats. Contact one of our wildlife removal experts today by filling out our contact form or calling us at 781-830-6080.

squirrel hanging on a wire