Ashland, MA Bat, Raccoon & Animal Removal Services

Ashland, MA residents can benefit from Baystate Wildlife’s 24/7 humane animal removal services. If you suspect wildlife animals have invaded your home but are unsure what kind or what to do, contact the Baystate Wildlife team immediately. When wildlife gets too comfortable, they will make your house their home. Our team knows exactly how to handle the situation, whether large or small wildlife. We remove and exclude various animals without poisoning or endangering them after we remove them. Learn more about our bat, raccoon, snake, skunk, and other wildlife removal services below and how our team can help you in Ashland, MA.

Ashland, MA Bat Removal Services

As their natural habitats become torn down for new businesses and apartments, bats often find their way into more homes around Ashland, MA. If you find bats in your home’s attic or other areas of your home, do not wait to contact our team. Our abt removal services run 24/7, so you never have to worry about an emergency. Bats can easily find their way into openings of your home’s siding or chimney; our team helps detect those spots and trap them from coming back in that way in the future. Learn more about our humane bat control services, and request a free quote today.

Ashland, MA Raccoon Removal Services

Raccoons are animals who have sharp claws and thumbs and love to dig. Many people may not know that about raccoons and can put themselves at risk for getting too close or trying to remove the wildlife on their own. If you notice a raccoon in your dumpster or suspect your home has a raccoon invasion, contact the Baystate Wildlife team immediately. Our raccoon removal specialists will arrive at your property with the tools and equipment needed to effectively remove raccoons and their families from your property. Learn more about our raccoon removal services and how we can prevent them from returning back to your home. 

Call Baystate Wildlife For Humane Wildlife Removal in Ashland, MA

Baystate Wildlife is here to remove and exclude various wildlife animals all over Ashland, MA. Our team specializes in humanely removing bats, skunks, raccoons, squirrels, and other wildlife so you can get specialized care at your home. Our emergency services run 24/7, so you never have to worry about feeling unsafe or putting your family at risk. Removing the wildlife animals is our top priority, but we also want to ensure we do not hurt them. Learn more about our wildlife team’s removal services, and call us at 781-830-6080 today!