Baystate Wildlife Is Now Offering Virucidal Sanitizing

Virucidal Services is a Division of Baystate Wildlife Management

COVID-19 is quickly reshaping how people all over the world will view and handle viruses and other contagious disease prevention going forward in life. The reality is that there are many other viruses and diseases that are very contagious and proper precautions are mandatory.

24-Hour Squirrel, Raccoon, & Humane Wildlife Removal in Canton, MA

What We Do

Here at Baystate Wildlife, we remove wild animals, like bats, raccoons, squirrels, and skunks from homes all over New England. Our coverage territory includes Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Southern New Hampshire.

Our Method

We always give a free estimate, before each job we perform, and often times we can perform the capture and the estimate on the same day. We always strive to go above and beyond our clients’ expectations; we understand that having a wild animal in your home can be quite frightening, which is why we always quickly and efficiently remove animals from homes.

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24/7 availability means we’re always ready and waiting to handle any and all wildlife problems.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Can't recommend them enough, I've told all our friends the story of the raccoon and babies in our chimney and how awesome Bay State Wildlife were from start to finish. We initially had a chimney sweep check out the situation and because of how our chimney's hold they couldn't do it without risking something comes into our living room. They were also doubtful that a wildlife service could do it too which was defeating.

I actually tried Terminix next as they have a wildlife removal service and that experience was horrible. We went with our gut and said no thank you even as I had the credit card in my hand about to say yes, and I'm so happy we didn't go with Terminix.

Dale from Bay State gave me so much peace of mind that this experience would be different. Mark came out to do the removal and was amazing. Our situation it seemed was very challenging but he was problem solving on the spot and talking through everything he was thinking and trying. He was super patient throughout the whole thing, which made me really confident knowing he wasn't going to give up on it and leave us hanging. In the end, I was just so impressed with how he worked and knew exactly what to do and then also was a pro at reuniting the mama with babies in the end.

The relief I felt when the animals were out of the house and our chimney closed up was huge. Bay State wildlife were such experts and super professional. Can't stop raving about them and how happy we were with their work and results!

May 13, 2024

Dale was responsive and knowledgeable. He arranged for Mark to come take a look within the week for what I thought was a squirrel infestation. Mark discovered it was bats who were entering through a tiny opening and he put a funnel in there to the bats could exit but not re-enter my house! Two days later he returned to do a more thorough inspection of my entire house for more possible cracks the bats could get into. The original price quoted was reduced. Baystate Wildlife are worth every penny for the peace of mind and two year guarantee to keep these pesky bats out of my house.

May 9, 2024

Dale was a pleasure to work with.

April 11, 2024

A red squirrel had made some openings near my roofline. I called Dale at Baystate Wildlife and he was able to schedule me for the next day (a relief - I didn't want an aggressive red squirrel moving down to the main floor from the attic!). The Baystate Wildlife team, Alonso and Jose, came and they were excellent! Alonso answered all of my questions and was very clear about what they were doing to keep the squirrel from getting back in. I I really appreciate Baystate Wildlife's 2-year warranty, in case the squirrel returns and makes more openings. In the future, I hope I don't have any further wildlife trying to come inside, but if I do, I will DEFINITELY contact Baystate Wildlife. I can't recommend them highly enough. They're terrific! Thank you, Dale, Alonso, and Jose!

April 3, 2024